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these are the covers I found and have in my collection - some I have on 
vinyl, cd or tape ( see also my cover bands albums page ) others I have on pc as a mp3/flac/wav if you wish more information or ... trade always welcome 


001 	unknown artist					Cured					
002 	unknown french artist				Kyoto song
003 	unknown turkish fan				Last dance 

004 	[F.E.V.E.R.]					Disintegration
005 	(Tulip)						The top

006 	101						Why don't you stay ?					( music : Lullaby )
007 	2° Axing, The					Boys don't cry
008 	30 Foot Fall					Just like heaven
009 	311						Lovesong
010	8:58 ft the Unthanks				A forest

011 	A.K.A. Zero					Dressing up 
012 	A Perfect Circle 			        Ozzu's Cure						Lovesong
013 	A Pink Dream					A forest
014 	A Pink Dream					A reflection
015 	A Pink Dream					Boys don't cry
016 	A Pink Dream					Fire in Cairo
017 	A Pink Dream					Lullaby
018 	A Pink Dream					Play for today
019 	A Pink Dream					The figurehead
020     A Place to Bury Strangers			Keep slipping away					sample of The baby screams
021 	Absinthe Tuna					Speak my language 
022 	Acida Separado					Apart
023     Acylum						Trust
024 	Adele						Lovesong
025 	Admonitor					A stranger day
026 	Adonais						A short term effect
027 	Adrift						Snow in summer 
028	Aesthetische					Anniversary
029	Aesthetische 					Fascination Street
030 	AFI						Just like heaven
031 	AFI						The hanging garden
032	Agente Naranja					Trust 
033 	Ahab Rex trio, The				Cold
034	Aiboforcen					A strange day
035	Aiboforcen					All cats are grey
036	Aiboforcen					Apart
037	Akala						I don't know						lullaby
038 	Alex Can’t Sleep 				The loudest sound 
039	Alien Vampires					In your house
040 	Alkaline Trio					Cut here
041 	Alkaline Trio					The exploding boy
042 	All About Eve					Apart
043 	Alter Ego					Wrong number 
044 	Alven						Mr. Alphabet says 
045 	Amos, Tori					Love song
046	Amos, Tori					Pictures of you
047     Anajo und das poporchester                      Jungs weinen nicht                                       Boys don't cry  
048 	Anberlin			                Love song
049	Anillaco				        Strange attraction 
050 	Anka, Paul					The lovecats
051 	Another Emotion					Love song
052 	Another Nothing					Same deep water as you
053 	Another Tale					Boys don't cry
054 	Anton						Seventeen seconds 
055 	Apoptygma Berzerk				A strange day
056 	Apple Jelly					Lullaby
057 	Aquaserge & Laure Briard	         	10.15 Saturday night
058 	Area-7						Boys don't cry
059 	Arbelaez, J.D. 					If only tonight we could sleep 
060 	Architect's Eye					Lullaby
061 	Arkham						The hanging garden 
062 	Armageddon Dildos				Let's Go To Bed
063	Armageddon Dildos				The baby screams
064 	Armstrong, Michael				Boys don't cry
065	Armstrong, Michael				Close to me
066 	Armstrong, Michael				Friday I'm in love
067 	Armstrong, Michael				High
068 	Armstrong, Michael				Homesick
069 	Armstrong, Michael				In between days
070 	Armstrong, Michael				Just like heaven
071 	Armstrong, Michael				Love song
072 	Armstrong, Michael				Lullaby
073 	Armstrong, Michael				One more time
074 	Armstrong, Michael				Plainsong
075 	Army Navy					Jumping someone else's train
076 	Arrowsmith, Alex 				The dream 
077 	Arson ADM					A forest
078 	Art Brut		         	        Catch
079 	Artwork						Fascination street
080 	Astral Grey					The figurehead
080 	Ataris, The					Just like heaven
082 	Atavkvisa					Boys don't cry
083	Atlas Lab					Lullaby
084 	Augustus M					A strange day 
085 	Aura Project, the				Maybe someday
086 	Ausente Cero					In your house 
087 	Authentic Truth 		                Song for the dead and in love 					( bass line from fascination street)
088 	Automatic					Friday I'm in love
089 	Autumnblaze					Cold
090	Avarice In Audio				Disintegration
091 	Avarice In Audio				Last Dance
092 	Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul, The		Lullaby

093 	Bad Luck 13 Riot 				Pictures of you
094 	Baes, Fernando 					Taking off
095 	Baggsmen			                Close to me
096 	Ballay, Martín 					Lovecats
097 	Barker, Sophie					A forest
098 	Baron, The 					The drowning man 
099	Bassenge, Lisa					In between days
100 	Bat for Lashes					A forest
	Bates, The					Wailing wall
 	Battery						All cats are grey
 	Bazoches, The 					Friday I’m in love 
 	Bean						Subway song
 	Bearl, Dany & Mitchell, Allan 			The lovecats
 	Bebete El Mar					A letter to Elise 						version en Espanol
	Behemoth					A forest
 	Behind the Scenes				Killing an Arab
 	Belanova		         	        Boys don't cry
 	Bell, Book & Candle				Primary
 	Belladone					To wish impossible things 
 	Bellatronica					The walk
 	Belly Botton					Killing an Arab
 	Benjamins					Just like heaven
	Berlin Banter					Why can't I be you?
 	Bete Noire 					0ther voices
 	Bicyclettes Blanches, Les	                Hot hot hot
 	Big Pink, The					Love song
 	Binge 						It’s not you 
 	Birch, Diana					Primary
	Birdmad Girl					Close to me
	Birdmad Girl featuring Arantxa			Close to me 
	Black Fez, The 					Never enough 
	Blackblack					Inbetween days
	Blame						39 
	Blanco						Another day
125	Blank & Jones					A forest 							featuring Robert Smith
	Blaster						A night like this
	Blaster						Just like heaven 
	Blink 182					A letter to Elise
	Blink 182					Just like heaven
	Blipp						The caterpillar
	Bliss						Lovesong
	Bloodflowerz					Inbetween days
	Bloodhound Gang					She ain't got no legs						sample of Close to me
	Bloom, Luka					In between days
	Bloomington					Push 
	Blue Audio					Just like heaven
	Blue Audio					One more time
	Bluecrescentmoon	         	        Watching me fall 
        Bockman						Close to me
	Boortz, Jeff 					M 
	Boot, The 					Icing sugar 
	Boy Kill Boy					Catch
	Boyce, Damon 					A man inside my mouth 
	Boyd, Pedro 					The 13th 
	Breath Of Life, the				The Lovecats
	Bridgers, Phoebe				Friday I'm in love
 	Bristol						Friday I'm in love
	British Sea Power				A forest
	Brixton Crenchy					Just like heaven
150     Brothers Past					Fascination street
	Brunettes, The					Lovesong
	Buddy						Sugar girl
	Busch, Tara					Let's go to bed
	Buzoo						Lullaby 
        Buzz Kull					Fascination Street
	Byrne, George					Inbetween days

	Callaway, Greg And Mellisa			Cut 
	Campbell, Jack 					Homesick 
	Candy Machine					10:15 Saturday night
        Caned & Able                                    Lullaby
	Caritas, Las 					Cloudberry 
	Carnal Lust					Fascination street
	Carnival of Souls				Disintegration
	Carnival of Souls				Lullaby
	Carpathian Forest				A forest
	Casco and Not Poet				Friday I´m in love
	Casket Lottery, The				Six different ways
	Cassettes Won't Listen				Let's go to bed
	Cat Fud						The baby screams
	Catch 22			                I'm falling							based on a forest
	Cave In 		         	        Plainsong
	Caves, The					Just like heaven
	Celeste, Marina					The lovecats
	Celluloide					Three imaginary boys
175     Chancho Flaco, El 				The final sound 
 	Cheese, Richard					Just like that heaven						just like heaven
	Chevelle		          	        Pictures of you
	Children Within					A forest
	Chimaira			                Fascination street
	Chisel 						Six different ways
	Choke On Candy					Pictures of you
	Christmas Island 				One hundred years 
	Chrome, Mari					A forest
	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				A forest
	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				A night like this
	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				Charlotte sometimes
	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				Dressing up
	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				Friday I'm in love
	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				Just like heaven
	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				Lost
	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				Lullaby
	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				One hundred years
	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				Seventeen seconds
	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				The drowning man
	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				The walk
  	Chrystabel & Marc Colin				Three imaginary boys
	Cine Muerte					Close to me
	Cinnamon Toast					Piggy in the mirror 
	Circumpolar					Cold
200     Clan Of Xymox                                   A forest
	Clear						The holy hour 
	Clines, Matthew 		                Birdmad girl 
	Close Encounters		                Lullaby
	Close To Nature					The hanging garden
	Cloudseek					The hanging garden
	Co/Dev. Space					Hey you !!! 
	CodeName: Rocky					Just like heaven
	COiN						A short term effect 
	Cold, the					A forest
	Cold Sweat 					Seventeen Seconds
	Coleman, Naimee					Love song
	Collapsis					Love song
	Color Filter					Friday I'm in love
	Coma Nova 					10.15 Saturday night
	Coma Nova					A strange day
	Coma Nova					Birdmad girl
	Coma Nova					Close to me
	Coma Nova					Hot hot hot
	Coma Nova					Just like heaven
	Coma Nova					M
	Coma Nova					Plainsong
	Coma Nova					Subway song
	Coma Nova					The exploding boy
	Coma Nova					The lovecats
225	Comet						A forest
	Common Dream					Bloodflowers
	Companero Asma					To wish impossible things
        Contagious Orgasm 				Pornography
	Convent						M
 	Converge	         		        Disintegration
	Corazones De Lego 				Trap 
	Corridor		         	        The kiss
	Cosmic Armchair					Close To Me
	Cosmic Armchair					Friday I'm in love
	Counting Crows					Friday I'm in love
	Counting Crows					Six different ways
	Cowboy Junkies					Seventeen seconds
	Crack of Doom, The				A night like this
	Creaming Jesus					A forest
	Crocodile Shop					Let's go to bed
	Cromafactor / Janice				Gatos de amor							the love cats
        Crying Vessel					Friday I'm In Love
	CTX						Hot hot hot
	Cult Of Saints And Ferkle	                Three imaginary boys 
	Cureheads					A signal to nois
	Cureheads					Alt.end
	Cureheads					The end of the world
	Cureosa						Piggy in the mirror
	Curiosity					Bloodflowers
250	Curiosity					Boys don't cry
	Curiostiy					Close to me
	Curiosity					Fight
	Curiosity					Hot hot hot
	Curiosity					Love song
	Curiosity					Lullaby
	Curiosity					M
	Curiosity					One hundred years
 	Curiosity					Play for today
	Curiosity					Sinking
	Curiosity					The drowning man
	Curiosity					Untitled
	Curiosity					Where the birds always sing
	Curious						Siamese twins
	Curse, The					10:15 Saturday night
	Curse, The					2 late
	Curse, The					A forest
	Curse, The					A strange day
	Curse, The					Boys don't cry
	Curse, The					Disintegration
	Curse, The					High
	Curse, The					Hot hot hot
	Curse, The					In between days
	Curse, The					Just like heaven
	Curse, The					Killing an Arab
275	Curse, The					Lovesong
	Curse, The					Lullaby
	Curse, The					Play for today
	Curse, The					Why can't I be you
	Cynical Existence				Lullaby
	Cyrus, Miley					Boys don't cry
	Dandy Warhols, The				Primary
	Daniel						A foolish arrangement
	Dark Wish					Out of mind 
	Darkness On Demand				The Walk
	Dart						A few hours after this
 	Daryl						Boys don't cry
	DavaNtage					Cold
	Davies, Ira					At night
	Dead City Rodent 				All mine 
	Deadsexy Inc, the				Let's go to bed
	Deadsy						Just like heaven
	Dean & Britta					Friday I'm in love
	Death Cab For Cutie				Friday I'm in love
	Death Lies Bleeding				A forest
	Decadence					Disintegration
	Deep Green Eye, The				Six different ways 
	Deftones		       		        If only tonight we could sleep
	Deise, Mikhail					Close to me
	Deluxtone Rockets				Lovesong
300     Demob Happy					Pictures of You
	Desidia  		         		Lullaby
	Destination Venus				Seventeen seconds
	Devastations					All cats are grey
	Devics						Catch
	Dichroic Mirror					Jumping someone else's train
	Diffuzion					Burn
	Diffuzion					Pictures of you
	Digital 21					Just say yes
	Digital Factor					A Forest
	Dillenberg, Nicole				Just like heaven
	Dim Lit Daylight 		         	The lovecats
	Dinosaur Jr					Just like heaven
	Dionysos		          	        A forest
	Dios Me Dijo Que Lo Haga  	         	Homesick
 	Dirge						A short term effect
	Dishwasher					Fascination street 
	Disintegration					A forest
	Disintegration					Catch
	Disintegration					In between days
	Disintegration					Just like heaven
	Disintegration					Pictures of you
	Dismemberment Plan				Close to me
	Diver						The empty world
	Dj Bootious Maximus				The lovecats
325	Dj Qbrick and Nicolas Kramer			Charlotte sometimes
	Dji						A Japanese dream 
	Doe, Jane					Disintegration
	Dolores Delirio					M
	Dominic Sonic					Give me it
	Don Nino			                At night
	Don Pepe		         	        Por que no puedo ser tu						why can't I be you
	Donelly, Tanya & Dylan in the Movies		The lovecats
	Dope						Lovesong
	Doucet, Luke and the White Falcon         	The lovecats
	Doyle Kennedy, Maria				Lovesong
	Dr. Kloot					Inbetween days
	Dr. Lú y los Hombres Topos			Boys don´t cry
	Dreaming, the 					Let’s go to bed
	Dreams Of Creamson				How beautiful you are... 
	Driver, Minnie					Close to me
	Dryden, Mitchell 		         	Friday I'm in love
  	Dub Maverick vs the Cure  	         	Dub in my bed							let’s go to bed
	Dwomo						Killing an Arab
	Easy Cure					10.15 Saturday night
	Easy Cure					Inbetween days
	Easy Cure					Just like heaven
	Easy Cure					Killing an Arab
	Easy Cure					Lullabay
	Easy Cure					One hundred years
350	Easy Cure					Out of this world
	Easy Cure					Sinking
	Easy Cure					The hanging garden
	Eddie, John					Inbetween days
	Editors						Lullaby
	Edsel						Plastic passion
	Eggs						Catch
	Egostatic					The walk
	El Manjar De Los Dioses				Si solamente pudiesemos dormir esta noche			if only tonight we could sleep
	Electric Hellfire Club, The			Killing an Arab
	Elektroklange					10:15 Saturday Night
	Elemental					The walk 
	Elenium						Boys don't cry 
	Elenium						The last day of summer
	Elk City          				Close to me
	Elm						Apart
	eM						To wish impossible things
	Emotep						Lovesong
	Emulsion	         	         	Pornography
 	End of Julia, the				Just like heaven
        Engine						Fascination street
	Entranced					Just like heaven 
	Entranced					Just say yes 
	EQ						In between days
	Equaleyes					Just like heaven
375	Escape, The					Seventeen seconds
	Escape, The					The figurehead
	Escape with Romeo				In your house
	Esrange						Faith
	Essence Of Mind					Burn
	Estados	Alterados				El bosque							a forest
	Esteban, Martin 	         	        The Weedy Burton 
	Eva 						Plastic passion
	Evereve						Cold
	Ex-Reverie					The hanging garden
	Ex-RZ feat. Fenne				17 seconds
	Ex-Voto						Shake dog shake
	Exhumed						A reflection
	Exit						Perfect murder 
	Explodingboy					Apart 
	Extraños en el Paraiso				One hundred years
	Eye, The	         		        Killing an Arab
	F.M.						Killing an Arab
	Face to Face					In between days
	Fade-x						Curiosity							samples
	Fahrenheit 451					The Blood
	Fair Sex, The					The walk
 	Faith & Disease					All cats are grey
	Faithless					Spiders, crocodiles & kryptonite				        contains elements of Lullaby
	Fallen Tears					All cats are grey
400	Fallen Tears					Doubt
	Fallen Tears					Faith
	Fallen Tears					Other voices
	Fallen Tears					Primary
	Fallen Tears 					The drowning man
	Fallen Tears					The funeral party
	Fallen Tears					The holy hour
	Fallopia  					Jumping someone else’s train 
	Fatima 						Lovesong
	Faucheuse, la					Burn	
        Feiled						Just like heaven
	Fernandes, Charlie 				The three sisters 
	FGFC820						The hanging garden
	Fictile Noize					In between days 
	Fiction, Paul					Hot hot hot
	Fiction, Paul					In your house
	Fightstar					In between days
	Film Score Orchestra, the 			Dredd song
	Filthy Vagrants					Faded smiles 							
	Final Selection					One hundred years
	First Aid 4 Souls				Just Like Heaven
	Fish Panning Method 				Piggy in the mirror 
	Five Star Dive 					Cold 
	Five Year Crush					Bananafishbones
	Fleur, le					Want
425 	Floodland					A forest
	Fluoresce					A night like this 
	Foggy Bottom					In your house
	Folds, Ben					Inbetween days
	For Esmé 		         		The exploding boy 
	For The Perfect Girl				Lovesong
	Fordirelifesake					Lovesong
	Forester, John 					Other voices 
	Forever						A letter to Elise 
	Forever Young					Boys don't cry
	Fornever 			         	One more time 
	Four Calender Cafe with Dale Chambers 		High
	Four Years Old					Love song
	Fourteen Explicit Moments 			The figurehead 
	Four Imaginary Boys				A letter to Elise
	Four Imaginary Boys				A strange day
	Four Imaginary Boys				Apart
	Four Imaginary Boys				Cold
	Four Imaginary Boys				End
	Four Imaginary Boys				Friday I'm in love
	Four Imaginary Boys				From the edge of the deep green sea
	Four Imaginary Boys				One hundred years
	Four Imaginary Boys				The figurehead
	Four Imaginary Boys				The hanging garden
	Fractured					Coming up 
450	Fractured Atlas					Return 
	Fragile						10:15 Saturday night
	Fragile						Accuracy
	Fragile						One hundred years 
	Fragile						Siamese twins
	Fragile						The holy hour
	Freddy and Tormod				Adonais
	Freddy and Tormod				Fight 
	Frodus						Killing an Arab
	From Mars 					A forest
 	FuguFish	         		        Dekiurkawer							other voices
	Fulano						La sangre							the blood
	Futureheads, The	         	        The lovecats
	G & A						More than this 
	G.e.n & Pampas Eléctricas 			Killing an Arab
	Gangi						Fire in Cairo
	Ganymede 		         		A forest
	Garden Of Dreams 				Boys don’t cry 
	Garden of Dreams 		         	To the sky
	Garrod, Trevor					Close to me
	Garrod, Trevor					Just like heaven
	Gash						Lovesong
	Gatsbys American Dream				Just like heaven
	Gauri Nanda 					Three 
	Gemini Ritual, The				Love song
475	Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly  	         	In between days
	Get Up Kids					Close to me
	Ghost Of Manhattan Ruiz, The 			Out of this world 
	Giesso, Lucho					A few hours after this 
	Gin Blossoms					Just like heaven
        Girls Talk					Don't stop							Inbetween days sample
   	Girls Talk					What's it all about						Close to me sample
	Glimmer						Friday I'm in love
	Glitchpop					Cold
	Glitchpop					Seventeen seconds
	Glo-Worm			                Friday I'm in love
        Gloom						Lovesong
	Glove, The featuring Belladone			Eyemou
	Glover, Candice					Lovesong
	God Module					A night like this
	God's Bow					Plainsong
	Godhead						Fascination street
	Goldfinger					Just like heaven
	Gorgeous 					Just like heaven
	Gotico						The top
	Grand Duchy					A strange day
	Grand Prix					The lovecats
	Grand Theft Bus					Close to me
	Gray, David					Friday I'm in love
	Green Lemon					Just like heaven
500	Greencouch					Close to me 
	Greene Project					Closedown 
	Greevers, J.					You’re so happy (you could kill me !)				
	Grodoski, L.					From the edge of the deep green sea 
	Grum, Lee 					Boys don't cry
	Half Foot Outside				Why can´t I be you
	Half-Sick of Shadows				Relax 
	Halo In Reverse					Prayers for rain
	Haokus						Sinking 
	Happy Hour					Just like heaven
	Harper, Elizabeth & the Matinee           	Pictures of you
	Harrity, Ron 					A few hours
	Hart, Angie					Pictures of you
        Havalina Blu					A forest
	Hayes, Peter					A night like this
	Hearts Fail					A night like this
	Hecuba						Killing an Arab
	Hedtrip						A night like this 
	Heinrich, Joshua 				Burn 
	Helalyn Flowers					Burn
 	Helga						I’m cold 
	Hell Is For Heroes				Boys don't cry
	Hell Yeahs, the 		                Charlotte sometimes
	Helle9						Seventeen Seconds
	Hemp With The Exploding Boy			Wendy time 
	Her Lying Head 					Fear of ghosts 
	Higher Hands, The				Close to me
	Hoang, Phillippe 		         	Maybe someday 
	Holding Mercury					Halo 
	Home For The Def	          	        Meathook
	Homeboy						Home 
	Hoosiers, the					Cops and robbers					The lovecats sample
	Hotrats, the					The lovecats
	Huntingtons					Boys don't cry
	Hussey, Wayne					A night like this
	Hypee And The Faithfuls				This twilight garden 
	Hypo & EDH					Lament
	I Was A Club Scout				Close to me
	I:Scintilla					Fight
	Icaro Azul					Viernes voy por ti					Friday I'm in love
	Icarus Crash					Other voices
	Icon of Coil					Killing an Arab
	Icy-Bro						Alive in I						lullaby samples
	Idealism 					Digitalism in Cairo					fire in Cairo
	Idlewild	         	         	Boys don't cry
	Iguana Lovers					Fascination street
	Ikon						A strange day
	Illuminate					A night like this
	Imaginary Kids					Three imaginary boys
	Imbruglia, Natalie				Friday I'm in love
	Imjudas						Boys Don't Cry
	Implant						Killing An Arab
 	In Mitra Medusa Inri				Just like heaven
	In My Head					Throw your foot
	Indecision					Just like heaven
	Indian Jewelry					The walk
	Inertia						Hot hot hot
	Infamous Stringdusters				Just like heaven
	Inovercy	                 	        Play for today 
	Insect Lounge					Numb 
	Insecure		          	       	A forest
	Insecure			                Boys don't cry
	Insecure			                Close to me
	Insecure	         	                Faith
	Insecure		         	        Just like heaven
	Insecure			                Lullaby
	Insecure	           		        Pornography
	Insight						The drowning man
	Instituto Del Quemado				The caterpillar 
	Interfirence, the 				Just like heaven
	Isla Del Bicho, La				Spilt milk 
	Isolated, The 					Accuracy 
	Iven Faint 					A strange day
	Iven Faint 					The same deep water as you
	Ivy						Let's go to bed
	Jack Off Jill					Lovesong
	Jacuzzi, Geneva					The walk
	Jah On Slide					Boys don't cry
        Jahcoozi					Barefoot wanderer
 	Jaime Sin Tierra 				Plainsong
	Jaime Sin Tierra 				The snakepit
	Jam Session, The 	        	        Killing an Arab
	Jam Session, The		       	        Siamese twins
	Jawbox						Meat hook
	Jazoon						Lullaby
	Jennae & Acumen 	         	        Close to me
	Jenner						Pictures of you 
	Jes						Lovesong
	Jesu						The funeral party
	Jet Lag						Friday I´m in love
	Jewel & Beaux					Primary 
	Johnosoyyoko					Icing sugar
	Joker's Daughter		                Kyoto song
	Josh Patrick vs the Cure	                Lovesong
	Joy Electric					Pictures of you
	Joy Zipper					Just like heaven
	Joyride  			         	Just like heaven
	Junior Cony					A strange day 
	Junksista					The lovecats
	Jupiter Blue					A forest
	Just Jack					Snowflakes Cured by temple of Jay			contains a sample of lullaby
600	Justin Hero					A forest
	Justin Hero					Love song
	Justin Hero					Why can't I be you?
	Kaki King					Close to me
	Kaligare 					All cats are grey
 	Kalliope 	         			New day 
	Kalte Sterne					The funeral party 
	Kalusto						All cats are grey 
	Kalusto						High
	Kant Kino					Charlotte sometimes
	Kant Kino					Jumping someone else's train
	Kant Kino					Push
	Karlyle, Kitty					In between days
	Kidsgofree					A letter to Elise
	Kiefer, C. and Long, J.S. 			Plainsong 
	Kiethevez					A foolish arrangement
	Kiethevez					Lovesong
	Kilingracy					Lovesong
	Kill Pop               		        	Siamese twins
	Kill Switch... Klick				Jumping someone else's train
	Kill the Thrill					A strange day
	Killingbird					Just like heaven
	Kings of Convenience				Boys don't cry
	Kinky Boot Beast		           	Boys don't cry
	Kinky Boot Beast		                Just like heaven
	Komor, Sebastian				Lovesong
	Korn						In between days						unplugged feat. the Cure 
	Koven, E. 					Why can’t I beyou ? 
	Kramer, Sebastián				Home
	Krauts, The 					Bare 
	Kriegbereit					A forest
	Kubikova, Michaela 				Gone ! 
	KVB, the					Lullaby
        L.W.S.						A forest
        La Cattedrale					My cat is an alien Vs Cure				World war
	LA One Way 					Another day 
        Lady Linn & Magnificent Seven			A love affair						sample of A forest
	Lady Sovereign					So human						sample of Close to me
	Lamentia 					Want 
	Lancaster, Jamie 				Boys don't cry
	Lane, Adam 					Fire in Cairo 
	Larson, Nathan 					Boys don’t cry
	Laura Effect					Inbetween days
	Lavenant, Marc 					Sugar girl 
	Leaether Strip					Lullaby
	Leaving Rouge					Cold
        Leece, Ninca                                    Lovesong
	Lefebvre, Dany					In your house
	Lemon Sun					The exploding boy
	Leo Presents F.I.L.T.H.				A forest 
	Leon, David Ari					A night like this
	Leon, David Ari					Boys don't cry
	Leon, David Ari					Friday I'm in love
	Leon, David Ari					In between days
	Leon, David Ari					Jumping someone else's train
	Leon, David Ari					Just like heaven
	Leon, David Ari					Lovesong
	Leon, David Ari					Pictures of you
	Leon, David Ari					The end of the world
	Leon, David Ari					The walk
	Leon, David Ari					This is a lie / Maybe someday
	Lesbos in Love					Charlotte sometimes
	Lethargy	                 	        Pictures of you
	Level						Lovesong
	Levinhurst					All cats are grey
	Lewis & Clarke					Disintegration
	Lidsindia					Boys don't cry
	Lights A.M.					Plainsong
	Lipnicka/Porter					Love song
	Liquified					Same deep water as you
	Lit						Pictures of you
	Little Rabbits, The				Killing an Arab
	Live						Boys don't cry
	Living Daylights, The				Give me it 
	Living End, The					10:15 Saturday night
	Lizard Smile					Burn
	LizEmo						Ocean 
        Loeb, Lisa                                      Just like heaven	
        Lollipo Guild, the				Six different ways
	LoMacchio, Tom 					A thousand hours 
	Lorien						Fight
	Lost Murder Box					The baby screams
	Lost Prophets					Boys don't cry
	Lost Tigres					A reflection
	Love Like Blood					A strange day
	Lovelorn Dolls					Just like heaven
	Lovelorn Dolls					Lullaby
	LRI						The blood 
	Lt.No						One hundred years
	Lt.No						Seventeen seconds
	Ludise						A forest 
	Luff						Jumping someone else's train
	Lukestar			           	Jumping someone else’s train 
	Lullacure					Play for today
	Lumpy Froth					Killing an Arab 
	Luna						Fire in Cairo
	Lunasect			                Fascination street
	Lund, Ian & Bruebach, Jeff			Untitled
	Lust Grenades, The 				I’m a cult hero 
	Lux Medium 					Plainsong
700	Lydia						Lament 
	Lynyrd's Innards 		         	Jumping someone else's train
	M						Close to me
	Madee						Charlotte sometimes
	Mademoiselle Le Cocu				The love cats 
	Magicrays					Pictures of you
	Make-Believe					Happy the man 
	Malpaso						Jumping someone else´s train
	Man Ray						Entre dias							inbetween days
	Manicure 					All I want 
	Marah						Fascination street
	Maria Fatal					10:15 sabado a la noche						10:15 Saturday night
	Mariel						Inbetween days
	Marina Sirtis					Wailing wall
	Marmaduke Duke					Friday I'm in love
	Martin, Charlotte				2 late
	Martin, Charlotte				A forest
	Martin, Charlotte				Just like heaven
	Martin, Charlotte				Plainsong
	Martin, Stephen  				The big hand 
	Massive Attack					Man next door							sample
	Matchbox Twenty					Fascination street
	Matera, Michael					Bloodflowers
	Matto, Cibo					Sugar water							Pictures of you sample
	Mauricio Cesana					Lullaby
	McLeod, Kirk					Boys don't cry
	McLeod, Kirk					Fascination street
	McLeod, Kirk					Friday I'm in love
	McLeod, Kirk					Hot, hot, hot
	McLeod, Kirk					Just like heaven
	McLeod, Kirk					Let's go to bed
	McLeod, Kirk					Love song
	McLeod, Kirk					Pictures of you
	McLeod, Kirk					The love cats
	McLeod, Kirk					Why can't I be you
	Me vs Everybody					Jumping someone else's train
	Medd Kids 					Just like heaven
	Medics, The 					Trust 
	Mektoub						Hanging garden / Siamese twins
	Mellonta Tauta					The funeral party
	Melua, Katie					Just like heaven
	Menos Que Cero					The exploding boy
	Metroland					A Journey By Train
	Metroland					Another Journey By Train
	Metroland					Close to me
	Metronomy					Fascination street
	Michelle					Pictures of you
	Mickey3d 	         			Three imaginary boys
	Midnight	         	         	At night 
	Midnight Configuration				The hanging garden
	Migala						Plainsong
	Millepede					In your house 
	Mills, Jess					A forest
	Minimalistix					A forest 
	Minuit Machine					Lovesong	
	Misery Loves Co					The drowning man
	Miss						Club America 
	Mission						Inbetween days
        Mister                                          Just like heaven
	Mix 						Grinding halt 
	Mobil Session Team				A night like this
	Moksha						The hanging garden 
	Mondträume					Lament
	Monkey Torture					Pornography 
	Montoj						Lovesong
	Morangos		         	        The same deep water as you 
	Morbid Poetry					Push
	Morgans Project, The				Catch
	Moss, Liela					Prayers for rain
	Moth's Tales					A forest
	Moth's Tales					Fascination street
	Moth's Tales					Prayers for rain
	Mourning Brides					Burn
	Moynahan, Thomas 				Treasure 
	Mr. Alphabet 					Cut here
	Mr. Alphabet 					Harold and Joe
	Mud						The blood
	Muslims, The					Grinding halt
	My Life In Rain 		                Pictures of you
	My Version of It				Boys don't cry
	Mysteries Sound Orchestra	                Burn
	Mystery Jets & Esser				In between days 
	N. O. E.	         		        Just like heaven
	Naboo						Fire in Cairo
	Naboo						Pornography 
	Nacho Dimari					A sign from God
	Nada, La 					Waiting 
	Nada Surf 					Friday I'm in love
	Nadja						Faith
	Nadja						One hundred years
        Name, the                                       10.15 Saturday night
        Name, the                                       A forest
        Name, the                                       Boys don't cry
        Name, the                                       Charlotte sometimes
        Name, the                                       Close to me
        Name, the                                       Inbetween days
        Name, the                                       Jumping someone else's train
        Name, the                                       Killing an Arab
        Name, the                                       Let's go to bed 
        Name, the                                       Play for today 
        Name, the                                       Primary 
800     Name, the                                       The caterpillar
        Name, the                                       The hanging garden 
        Name, the                                       The lovecats
        Name, the                                       The walk 
	Nancyboy 			         	A Letter to Elise
	Narcan						Doubt 
	Nathanson, Matt					A letter to Elise
	Nathanson, Matt					Inbetween days
	Nathanson, Matt					Just like heaven
	Nathanson, Matt					Pictures of you
        Natty U						Boys don't cry
	Nausea						Faith
	Near Death Experience				A forest
	Nebelhexë					The figurehead
	Neikka Rpm					Grinding Halt
	Neikka RPM					Sleep when I'm dead
	Nena						Friday I'm in love
	Neon Dream					The caterpillar
	Nerve Exhibit					A strange day
	Neuroactive					The Figurehead
	Newton, Curtis					A night like this
	Newsies, the					Just like heaven
	Niños Mutantes					Los niños no lloran						Boys don´t cry
	Niyaz						Love song		
	No:id						Another journey by train 
	NOC						The baby screams 
	Noemi Aurora					Friday I'm In Love
	Noise Box					Play for today
	Nosferatu					100 years
	Nothing						Bloodflowers
	Nothing More					Boys don't cry
	Nouve, the					Girls don't cry							Boys don't cry
	Nouvelle Vague					A forest
	Nouvelle Vague					All cats are grey
	Nouvelle Vague					Lullaby
	0'Connor, Nora					Six different ways
	O'Hara, Skalette 		         	Boys don't cry
	Oasis						In between days
	Obligations, The	                 	In between days
	OkGo						The lovecats
	Oleander			                Boys don't cry
	One						A forest
	One Last Fix					Lovesong
	Orangabelle					A reflection 
	Orders of Ellington				Kyoto song
	Ordinary, The					A forest
	Ordinary, The					Close to me
	Ordinary, The					Pictures of you
	Orient Ambulance 				Jupiter crash 
	Orso						Object 
	Ottosen, Katrine 		         	The love cats
	Pablo Dog					Let’s go to bed 
	Page & Plant					Lullaby
	Pain And Its Relief				Open 
	Paisajes Trágicos				A night like this
	Pale Amber Glow					Untitled
	Palmer, Mark 					Charlotte sometimes 
	Palpatines, The  		         	Forever
	Pampa Mía					A sign from God
	Parker Barrow					Fire in Cairo
	Passion Plastique				Funeral party
	Patchwork Grace					The lovecats
	Pato Fu						Just like heaven
	Paul & Jerome					A pink dream 
	Pauls Canziani					Play 
	PCM						Fascination street	
        Peel, Julie					A night like this
	Peoples, Curtis					Friday I'm in love
	Perrocandil					How beautiful you are
	Phaedra						Prayers for rain 
	Phantom Four, the				A forest
	Phillips, Grant-Lee				Boys don't cry
	Philtron		         	        A forest
	Phonica						All cats are grey 
	Piekos, Piotr					Apart	
        Pierre and Wendy 				Breathe 
	Pilori						If only tonight we could sleep
	Pimmel						I just need myself 
	Pink Pig			                I'm a cult hero
	Pink Turns Blue					Boys Don't Cry	
	Pischel, Erik 					Mint car 
	Placebo						Boys don't cry
	Placebo						If only tonight we could sleep / High
	Placebo and the Cure				If only tonight we could sleep
	Plaimobyl					Inbetween days
	Planeta Rica					Boys don't cry
	Plastic Noise Experience			Why can't I be you
	Plugin						The drowning man
	Poems, The					10:15 Saturday night
	Poesie Noire					A night like this
	Polagirl			                Just like heaven
        PopChop						Get ur freak on 					Missy Elliot vs the Cure ( Close to me )
	Popchor Berlin 					Grinding halt
	Pornography					Faith
	Pornography 					In your house
	Pornography 					Lullaby
        Postmarks, the                                  Six different ways	
        Prayers for Rain 		         	Just like heaven
	Prettyman, Tristan				Just like heaven
	Price, Jemima					Love cats
900	Priest 						The Lovecats
	Prime Time Victim Show				Fascination street
	Professional Murder Music 	         	A night like this
	Prozac +			                Boys don't cry
	Psyche						Faith
	Puppeteer					Like cockatoos
	Puppetland					Lovesong
	Purple Car					Fascination street
        Push						Lullaby
	Quant						Close to me
	Quay, Astrid					The caterpillar
	Rachoune 					The kiss 
	Radio Free Srini 				Fire in Cairo
	Radio Free Srini          			Grinding halt
	Radio Free Srini	                 	Jumping someone else's train
	Radio Free Srini		                Just like heaven
	Radio Free Srini 		         	Let's go to bed
	Radiostatic					Wailing wall 
	Rafa88 						Love song
	Railer						Fascination street
	Rain Paint					Disintegration
	Rainbow Arabia					Six different ways
	Rand Ecliptic, The 				Do the hansa
	Rasca y Pica					A forest
	Razed In Black					Disintegration
	Razorlight					Boys don't cry 
	Red Martian					A forest
	Red Martian 					Seventeen seconds
	Red Martian					The figurehead
	Red Pepper					The lovecats
	Red Shift					Splintered in her head 
	Reel Big Fish					Boys don't cry
	Regenerator					Prayers for rain
	Regenerator					The Hanging Garden
	Reid, Dean 					Dredd song 
	Reinartz, Patrick 				End 
	Relative		          	        High
	Remedy, The 					Lullaby 
	Requiem						Ariel 
	Res						Let love							sampler other voices
	Rhesus						Friday I'm in love
	Rhodes, Gavin					Heroin face 
	Rice County All Stars				close to me
	Rinôçérôse					La guitaristic house organization				sampler faith
	Rinôçérôse					Lost love							incorporates elements of m
	Rinôçérôse					Machine pour les oreilles					featuring the Cure
	Rio En Medio					Pictures of you
	Riton						Killing an Arab
	Ritual Howls					A Forest
	Robinson/Arnston		                Push 
	Rogers Sisters, the				Object
	Rollercoaster					All cats are grey
	Ron G 						Love song
	Ropers, The					Jumping someone else's train
	Ror-Shak					A forest
	Rose, Frankie					A forest
	Rose, Frankie					A reflection
	Rose, Frankie					At night
	Rose, Frankie					In your house
	Rose, Frankie					M
	Rose, Frankie					Play for today
	Rose, Frankie					Secrets
	Rose, Frankie					Seventeen seconds
	Rose, Frankie					The final sound
	Rose, Frankie					Three
	Rosebuds, The					The walk
	Rouse, Josh					A forest	
	RRRRRRR						Charlotte sometimes
	Rude Boy George					Close to me
	Rykoszept					Let's go to bed 
	Rykoszept					The love cats 
	S.W.						Sweet lullabies 				
	Sad Parade					Plastic passion 
	Sanguis et Cinis 				Friday I'm love
	Satélite M.V.R.					Harold and Joe 
	Savage Republic					The hanging garden
	Scala & Kolacny	Brothers 			Friday I'm in love
	Scaries, The					Pictures of you
	Schwarzblut					The figurehead
	Scooterz, The					Just like heaven
	Second Skin					Pictures of you
	Sense Field					A letter to Elise
	Separate, the ft Mark Lanegan			Close to me
	Settler						Close to me
	Seven Hate					In between days
 	Shadowself					Inbetween days
	Shallow						Push
	Shamrain 		         		Charlotte sometimes
	Sharp, The					Love cats
	Sharp Pain					I dig you 
	She Blonde Swede 		         	Just like heaven
	Sheik, Duncan					Kyoto song
	Sheriff Scabs					Plastic passion
	Shhh ...		         	        Lullaby
	Shi-Tones					Apart
	Show, Chico					Love song
	Shroud, The					Sinking
	Shudder To Think		                Shake dog shake
	Si-se						Como el cielo							just like heaven
	Si-se						Total remix
	Silence The Eyes		                10:15 Saturday night 
	Silent Issue, The				A forest
1000	Silent Issue, The				A short term effect
	Silent Issue, The				One hundred years
	Silent Issue, The				The figure head
	Silent Issue, The				The holy hour
	Silvery						Other voices
	Simplicity					Plainsong
	Sioux, Mariee					Love song
	Sitar M						Boys don´t cry
	Six Pack	          			Seventeen seconds
	Sjukdom						Disintegration 
	Sjukdom						Kyoto song
	Skip Kent					See the children 
	Sleep Safely 					Just like heaven
	Sleeping Children 				It used to be me 
	Sleeppers					Give me it
	Slide						New forest							
	Small, Grant 					There is no if... 
	Smashing Pumpkins, The				A night like this
	Smashing Pumpkins, The				Boys don't cry
	Smashing Pumpkins, The				Friday I'm in love	
	Smashing Pumpkins, The				Inbetween days
        Smith, Dan 					Mr. Pink Eyes 
	Smitko, Catherine				Shake dog shake
	Snake River Conspiracy				Love song
	Sofia Run					Untitled
        Softpack                                        Grinding halt
	Soliamos Ser					Scared as you 
	Sombre View					Lullaby
	Sombre View					Same deep water as you
	Something About Vampires and Sluts 		Grinding halt
	Something for Kate				Close to me
	Sonic Boom vs. Psyche				Charlotte sometimes
	Sons of Godzilla 				A forest
	Sophya						The figurehead
	Soto, Brian 					Where the birds always sing 
	Soviet Soviet					In Between Days
	Soylent Green feat. Denise Lee			10:15 Saturday night 
	Space Rock Revolution				Friday I'm in love
	Spacesheep					Subway song 
	Spider						Tape 
	Spinning Tops, The				Faith
	Spinning Tops, The				Siamese twins
	Spinning Tops, The				The figurehead
	Spleen						Round and round and round 
	Squireofgougou					Stop dead
	Sr. Chinarro					The figurehead
	Sr. Tomate					Seventeen seconds
	St. Eve						The last day of summer 
	Stabbing Westward				Burn
	Stahlinorgel					The walk
	Standards, the					The blood
	Star Industry					One Hundred Years
	Star Industry					The walk
	Stavesacre					Fascination street
	Sten						Kyoto song
	Stephen 		          	        Boys don't cry 
	Stereoskop					Primary
	Stereotyperider					Jumping someone else's train
	Stevens, Rachel					All about me							lullaby sample
	Stillman, Brian 		                Torture 
	Stokeswood					Close to me
	Stone 588					The hanging garden
	Stone, Kezz					The love cats
	Strange As Angels				The walk
	Strange Boutique		                A strange day
	String Quartet					Bloodflowers
	String Quartet					Boys don't cry
	String Quartet					Hot hot hot
	String Quartet					Just like heaven
	String Quartet					Love song
	String Quartet					Maybe someday
	String Quartet					Pictures of you
	String Quartet					The lovecats
	Sub						Fire in Cairo
	Submarines, The					Boys don't cry
	Sugar Addict					Uyea sound 
        Sugar Bureau 					So what 
	Sugar, David					Just like heaven
	Summer, Charlotte				Just like heaven
	Sunday Stop 					Just like heaven
	Sunfactor					Inbetween days
	Sunflower					Screw 
	Sunshiners					Inbetween days
        Superbus					Boys don't cry
	Superlemonade					How beautiful you are
	Supermika					The perfect girl 
	Sweet Little Band				Boys don't cry
	Sweet Little Band				Close to me
	Sweet Little Band				Cut here
	Sweet Little Band				Friday I'm in love
	Sweet Little Band				High
	Sweet Little Band				In between days
	Sweet Little Band				Just like heaven
	Sweet Little Band				Let's go to bed
	Sweet Little Band				Lovesong
	Sweet Little Band				Lullaby
	Sweet Little Band				Mint car
	Sweet Little Band				The lovecats
	Sweet Little Band				The walk
	Sweet Little Band				Why can't I be you
	Sync Filmico					The caterpillar
	t.h.o.r.n.					Lovesong
	Tadeo Feat. Ocho 				2 Late
        Taffy						Boys don't cry
	Taking Back Sunday 				Just like heaven
	Tantalus 					The empty world 
	Tanzwut						Lovesong
	Tara King Th					Cold
	Tätärä						Inbetween days
	Tea Of June					Just one kiss 
	Tea Leef Green					Pictures of you	
	Technoir 					Pictures Of You
        Technoir					The drowning man
	Technova 					Hanging garden
	TeknoMaffia					Boys don't cry
	Terminal Choice					Boys don't cry
	Test Infection					A night like this
	The City On Film 				Catch
	Theorythirteen					Kyoto song 
	Thilmany, Julieann				This is a lie 
	This Cold Night					Close To Me
	This Vale Of Tears				Killing an Arab
	This Violet Skies 				The upstairs room 
	ThouShaltNot					Pillbox tales 
	Threadgill, Pyeng				Close to me
	Thule						Lullaby
	Thuoc						Killing an Arab
	Tiger 2						Descent 
	Timothée and Thierry				Last dance 
	Tita & The Squid 				Untitled
	Toil						Love song
	Totem Obscura					Cold
	Trampoline					Charlotte sometimes
	Tres Hombres					The holy hour
	Tricky						The lovecats
	Trinkets of Joy					Lullaby
	Triple A#1					Secrets 
	Troum						Cold
	Tucek, Sarabeth					Three imaginary boys
	Tuscadero					Boys don't cry
	Ukulele						Never enough 
	Ulrike Am Nagel					Boys don't cry
	Ultimate Dreamers, the				Lovesong
	Ultramar 					The top 
	Unpleasant, The					Plastic passion
	Unto Ashes					The drowning man
	Unwoman						The drowning man
	Urban Sailor					10.15 Saturday night
	Usta Bilizowane					The lovecats
	Uwe/Michael/Annett 				Cold 
	Uyea						Carnage visors 
	Vacaciones, Ruth & Rafa				Grinding halt
	Vanderkelen, Olivier				Shiver and shake 
	Vanishing, The					A forest
	Vanvera						If only tonight we could sleep
	Vanvera						It's not you
	Vanvera						Like cockatoos
	Vanvera						Plain song
	Vanvera						Primary
	Vanvera						The holy hour
	Vecinos De Jesus 				Shake dog shake 
	Vee, Jennie					Night like this
	Veil Veil Vanish 				The upstairs room
	Velvet Acid Christ				The figurehead
	Velvet Condom					Just Like Heaven
	Venus						A chain of flowers 
	Venus in Furs					Burn
	Verde Moebius					The snakepit
	Vertigo						2 late 
	Vertucio, Jason           			Just like heaven 
	Vinnie The Stardusters				Bake my pie							boys don't cry
	Violet						Kyoto song
	Vision System					The walk
	Visitors, The					A forest
	Vitraux						Fascination street
	Voice Of Reason					Lullaby
	Volstad						Apart
	Voltaire		                  	Lovesong
	Volumen Cero					Cancion de amor							lovesong
	Voluptuous					Babble 
	Von Allen, Ehron		                Prayers for rain 
	Voodoo Smile					Disintegration 
	Voyager One					M
	Wagner, Justin 					A letter to Elise
	Wake Up Sleepyhead 				Off to sleep... 						
	Walsh, Kate					Lullaby
	Waltari						A forest
	Ward, Karl 					Another girl another planet 
	Waronker, Anna					Catch
	Wash						Catch 
	Waterhouse, The					I want to be old
	Watson Twins, The				Just like heaven
	We Are the World 				Why can't I be you
	Wedding Present, The				High
	Weeks, Caroline					The drowning man
	Weiner, Benjamin 				Doing the unstuck 
	Welcome Wagon                                   High
        Whende & Stephen Martin   			World war 
        Whispers in the Shadow                          A forest                                                        demo 1998
	Whispers in the Shadow				Cold
	Whispers in the Shadow				Seventeen seconds
	Wild Shores					Siamese twins
        Wilde Kim					Inbetween days
	Willem						The walk
	Williams, A. A.					Lovesong
	Wilson, Steve					Cover version III						a forest
	Wintermute					Pornography
	Wiseguy						Jumping someone else's train
	Wish						10.15 Saturday night
	Wish						In your house
	Wish						Love song
	Wish						Lullaby
	Wish 54						Siamese twins 
	Wisnia, Avi					Lovesong
	Wissmut						The figurehead
	WMH						A night like this
1250	Wolfkin						Charlotte sometimes
	Woodpigeon					Lullaby
	Woods, Skarlett					Friday I'm in love
	Work In Progress 				To the sky
	Wraith of the Ropes				The figurehead
	Wreckage 					Pornography
	X-Complex					The walk 
	X-Rave Seven					Killing an Arab
	XIII						Lullaby
	Xploding Boys, the 				Demo 								different songs
	Xtrasex						Why can´t I be you?
	Xu Xu Fang					Fascination street
	Y Front						Charlotte sometimes
	Year of No Light 				The figurehead
	Year of the Rabbit				Plainsong
	Yell						Charlotte sometimes
	Yellow Melodies, the				Play for day
	Yendri						The love cats
	York, Kate					Boys don't cry
	Younger Younger 28's				In between days
	Yungblud					Tissues								close to me sample
	Yuppie Flu					Plain song 
	Zachar & Blomberg				Charlotte sometimes
	Zalex						Friday I'm in love
	Zeitmahl	                  		A forest
	Zombie Girl					Fascination street
	Zoofilia 		         		Apart
1277	ZOOid 						Siamese twins