Beauty re-evisioned

featuring Simon Gallup

Label: 33 3 Music Collective
Catalog Number: 8 60000 19704 5
Track length: minutes seconds
Medium: Compact Disc
  • 20th century boy (MGT remix)
  • Look up (ummagma mix)
  • Un-natural disaster (collide mix)
  • Storm (acoustic version)
  • I will follow you (cotton socks mix)
  • Drifting away (high water mis)
  • Man of faith (Kitty Lectro mix)
  • The long goodbey (au revoir)
  • I will follow you (vad mix)
  • Storm (vampyre mix)
  • 20th century boy
  • I will follow you (eclipse mix)
  • Finding beauty in chaos (fall and sway mix)