Canciones de los chicos imaginarios


Label: El Diablo
Catalog Number: EDD147CD
Medium: Compact Disc ( double )
  • Rasca y Pica A forest
  • Soylent Green feat Denise Lee 10:15 Saturday night
  • SR Chinarro The Figurehead
  • Niņos Mutantes Los niņos no lloran (Boys donīt cry)
  • Madee Charlotte sometimes
  • The Obligations In between days
  • Hedtrip A night like this
  • Bloomington Push
  • Lukestar Jumpinīsomeoneīs else train
  • Jet Lag Friday Iīm in love
  • Noise Box Play for today
  • Moksha The hanging garden
  • Digital 21 Just say yes
  • Tadeo Feat Ocho Late
  • Migala Plainsong
  • Dwomo Killing an Arab
  • Buzoo Lullaby
  • Superlemonade How beautiful you are
  • Half Foot Outside Why canīt I be you
  • Extraņos en el Paraiso One hundred years
  • Agente Naranja Trust
  • Kidsgofree A letter to Elise
  • Orders of Ellington Kyoto song
  • Sitar M Boys donīt cry
  • Space Rock Revolution Friday I'm in love