Now or never

Phil THORNALLEY plays bass, flute, mellotron and guitar on 1 track
Phil THORNALLEY produced, engineered and mixed 1 track

Label: Jive
Catalog Number: 9224522
Medium: Compact Disc
  • Help Me
  • My Confession
  • I Stand For You
  • Do I Have To Cry For You
  • Girls In The USA
  • I Got You
  • Is It Saturday Yet?
  • Blow Your Mind
  • Miss America
  • I Just Wanna Take You Home
  • Heart Without A Home (I'll Be Yours)
  • Who Needs The World
  • Scandalicious
  • Forever Rebel (Backing Vocals : Phil Thornalley) (Bass, Flute, Mellotron, Guitars : Phil Thornalley) (Engineer : Phil Thornalley ) (Producer and Mixed : Phil Thornalley)