Our voices


Label: Equinoxe
Catalog Number: EQO14
Medium: Compact Disc (double)
  • Lizard Smile Burn
  • Shamrain Charlotte sometimes
  • Silvery Other voices
  • Sanguis et Cinis Friday I'm in love
  • Floodland A forest
  • [F.E.V.E.R.] Disintegration
  • Bloodflowerz Inbetween days
  • Evereve Cold
  • The Unpleasant Plastic passion
  • The Fair Sex The walk
  • One Last Fix Lovesong
  • Cine Muerte Close to me
  • Stereoskop Primary
  • Prayers for Rain Just like heaven
  • Second Skin Pictures of you
  • Volstad Apart
  • Marina Sirtis Wailing wall
  • Tanzwut Lovesong
  • Violet Kyoto song
  • Unto Ashes The drowning man
  • The Escape Seventeen seconds
  • Neon Dream The caterpillar
  • Illuminate A night like this
  • Curious Siamese twins
  • Ikon A strange day
  • Lethargy Pictures of you
  • Psyche Faith
  • Celluloide Three imaginary boys
  • Final Selection One hundred years
  • FGFC820 The hanging garden
  • Sjukdom Kyoto song
  • Terminal Choice Boys don't cry
  • Icon of Coil Killing an Arab
  • Midnight Configuration The hanging garden