Perfect as cats


Label: Manimal Vinyl
Catalog Number: MANI 13
Medium: Compact Disc ( double )
  • Xu Xu Fang Fascination street
  • Bat for Lashes A forest
  • Hecuba Killing an Arab
  • Indian Jewelry The walk
  • Geneva Jacuzzi The walk
  • Astrid Quay The caterpillar
  • Rainbow Arabia Six different ways
  • We Are the World Why can't I be you
  • Blackblack Inbetween days
  • Aquaserge & Laure Briard 10.15 Saturday night
  • Gangi Fire in Cairo
  • Rio En Medio Pictures of you
  • Joker's Daughter Kyoto song
  • Caroline Weeks The drowning man
  • Ex-Reverie The hanging garden
  • Voyager One M
  • Devastations All cats are grey
  • The Dandy Warhols Primary
  • Veil Veil Vanish The upstairs room
  • Wolfkin Charlotte sometimes
  • Army Navy Jumping someone else's train
  • The Muslims Grinding halt
  • Lemon Sun The exploding boy
  • Kaki King Close to me
  • Les Bicyclettes Blanche Hot hot hot
  • Buddy Sugar girl
  • Katrine Ottosen (CallmeKat) The lovecats
  • Mariee Sioux Love song
  • Corridor The kiss
  • Tara Busch Let's go to bed
  • Jesu The funeral party
  • Sarabeth Tucek Three imaginary boys
  • Lewis & Clarke Disintegration