The many faces of the Cure


Label: Musick Brokers
Catalog Number: 779803712940
Medium: Vinyl ( double )
  • Junior Jack Da hype
  • Presence Never
  • Presence All I see
  • Presence Act of faith
  • Presence Fragments
  • Fools Dance Happy family waiting (at the skylab landing baby)
  • Fools Dance They'll never know
  • Fools Dance Sa'ha
  • Fools Dance Empty hours
  • Fools Dance The collector
  • Joy Zipper Just like heaven
  • Tanya Donelly The lovecats
  • the Wedding Present High
  • Dean & Britta Friday I'm in love
  • Wayne Hussey A night like this
  • Devics Catch
  • the Brunettes Lovesong
  • Kitty Karlyle In between days
  • Cassettes Won't Listen Let's go to bed
  • the Submarines Boys don't cry