Together again V

Jimmy PAGE & Robert PLANT BOOT
feat. Porl Thompson

Catalog Number:
Medium: Compact Disc
Date: 00.00.1995
Venue: American Music Awards
Source: Television
  • Black dog
    Date: 17.04.1994
    Venue: Buxton, USA
    Source: pro sound
  • I can't quit you
    Date: 10.03.1995
    Venue: Orleans, USA
    Source: Television
  • Theramin
  • In the evening
  • Black dog
  • Kashmir
    Date: 28.02.1995
    Venue: Atlanta, USA
  • Achilles last stand
    Date: 11.03.1995
    Venue: New Orleans, USA
  • House of the rising sun / Good times bad times
  • That's the way
    Date: 26.02.1995
    Venue: Pensacola, USA
  • The truth explodes
    Date: 06.03.1995
    Venue: Miami, USA
  • Kashmir ( no sound fault )